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Why Sell your Dog or Cat

There are many reasons one may wish to no longer be a pet owner. 

-Say you're moving
and can't take tabby with you.
-Say your expensive hound
just had a litter of mutts.
-Say your pooch isn't friendly,
won't potty train, destroys your possessions, etc., etc., etc.

You can enjoy their wonderful puppy / kitten stage and then reap a cash reward for having grown such a fine specimen. Start over with a new kitten every six months! Win, Win, and Win!

The sad truth is that once Fido or FiFi outgrow their cute age,
many pet owners simply no longer feel the love.

I Buy Strays would be thrilled to take that burden off your hands and pay you at the same time. Tomorrow, an enriched and healthier society will be your ongoing reward. And, don't worry, your animal will receive several weeks of humane treatment during  decontamination where we guarantee  it will enjoy clean food, water, and a safe cage in a sterile environment.
Take the quick and easy way out that PAYS!

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Get in on the Billion Dollar Pet Industry

The Animal Welfare Act allows Class B dealers like myself to legally purchase animals from shelters and random sources, and then resell them to industry.

If you have a problem with that, please feel free to email me as many times as you like at Sales@IBuyStrays.com.

We urge you to contact your congressmen and advise them to vote AGAINST the Pet Safety and Protection Act. This bill would force all animals used by Science and Industry to have been specifically bred and raised for that purpose. This would make all products more expensive for all of us as well as be very bad for my business personally.

Due to the nature of our business, Of course we do not list the address or phone of our kennel on our website. If, and only if, you see our ad in your local paper or CraigsList, then you are within our service area. Please call or email us to arrange pick-up.

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